Introduction to the working principle of buried scraper conveyor

Release time: 2023-02-06

The buried scraper conveyor uses a closed rectangular section shell to convey materials with the help of moving scraper chains. When conveying materials, the scraper chains are all buried in the materials, so it is called buried scraper conveyor. The conveyor has good airtight performance, and the materials are transported in the closed machine tank without being scattered or leaked. It is dustproof, waterproof, anti-virus, and explosion-proof, which greatly improves the working environment and prevents pollution.

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The buried scraper conveyor is composed of scraper chain, head and tail sprocket, machine slot, feeding port, discharging port, driving device and tensioning device.
working principle:
Working principle of horizontal buried scraper conveyor: The manufacturer of buried scraper conveyor tells you that when the traction member and the scraper pass through the material loaded into the trough with a smooth surface, the material is pushed by the scraper in the direction of movement. When the internal friction force is greater than the external friction force between the material and the tank wall, the bulk material forms a continuous overall flow and is conveyed as the scraper moves forward.
The working principle of the vertical buried scraper conveyor: it depends on the arching characteristics of the material. In addition to the thrust of the scraper in the direction of movement, the materials in the closed machine tank are also subjected to the resistance of the continuous feeding of the lower part to prevent the upper part of the material from sinking, thereby generating lateral side pressure and increasing the internal friction of the material. The buried scraper conveyor manufacturer told When the internal friction between the materials is greater than the external friction between the materials and the tank wall and the material's own weight, the bulk materials will form a continuous overall material flow and be conveyed with the upward movement of the scraper.

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