Buried Scraper Conveyer Suppliers: Principle and Supporting Equipment

Release time: 2023-06-03

What is a buried scraper conveyer?
A buried scraper conveyer is a type of conveyor system that is used to transport bulk materials horizontally or at an inclined angle. This equipment is commonly used in industries such as mining, cement, and power generation, where large volumes of materials need to be transported efficiently.
How does it work?
The system features a buried scraper chain that moves through a trough, which is typically made of steel. The chain is driven by a motor, which pulls the material along the trough. As the chain moves, it drives the material forward, and the material is scraped off the bottom of the trough by the scraper blades.
Supporting equipment
To operate a buried scraper conveyer system, there are several pieces of supporting equipment that are required. Some of these include:
1. Electric motor: This is used to power the conveyor system and move the buried scraper chain.
2. Troughs: The troughs are made of steel and are typically placed in a trench to support the conveyor system.
3. Drive unit: The drive unit is responsible for driving the buried scraper chain and moving the material along the trough.
4. Scraper blades: The scraper blades are used to remove the material from the bottom of the trough as the conveyor system moves.
Benefits and applications
There are several benefits to using a buried scraper conveyer system. These include:
1. Efficient transport: This system is able to transport large volumes of material quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for manual labor.
2. Low maintenance: The system is designed to require minimal maintenance, resulting in fewer breakdowns and lower operating costs.
3. Cost-effective: Using a buried scraper conveyer system is often more cost-effective than alternative methods of material transport, such as trucks or loaders.
4. Versatile: This equipment can be used to transport a wide range of materials, including coal, cement, and other bulk materials.
In conclusion, a buried scraper conveyer system is a reliable and efficient way to transport bulk materials. By understanding its principle and supporting equipment, businesses can make informed decisions about the best type of conveyor system for their specific needs.

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