Working principle of DH series dry roller granulator

Release time: 2022-11-23

In the DH series dry roller granulator, the raw material is fed into the hopper through a quantitative feeder, using a pair of rollers with holed rollers, leaving a certain gap and rotating in opposite directions at the same speed; the shaft support of a group of rollers is fixed , another set of rollers can slide to help the hydraulic cylinder squeeze the rollers so that they are close to each other. The manufacturer of DH series dry roller granulator tells you that many arc-shaped grooves with the same shape and size are regularly arranged on the surface of the roller. According to the different compression ratios of the target materials, the wave of the arc groove of one roller should point to the waveform of one roller.

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DH series dry roller granulator manufacturer tells you that when the two rollers are parallel to each other horizontally, the powder granular material is continuously and evenly fed into the gap between the two rollers by their gravity and the forced charger above the two rollers. After entering the nip, the material is gradually clamped by the rollers. With the continuous rotation of the roller, the space occupied by the material is gradually reduced and gradually compressed to reach the maximum forming pressure.
Then, as the pressure gradually decreases, the briquette falls off from the arc groove of the roller, recovers the elasticity and the gravity of the peeling machine, enters the crushing device for crushing, and then enters the screening device for screening. The DH series dry roller granulator manufacturer tells you that the final particle size powder material and unqualified large particles will return to the bucket elevator and enter the next process.

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