What are the main features of buried scraper conveyer

Release time: 2023-01-17

Buried scraper conveyer is very mature in theory, design, manufacture and even application. It has become a widely used bulk material conveying equipment, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, cement, port, wharf, coal, mine, Grain, oil, food, feed and other industries and departments.

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The buried scraper conveyer is mainly composed of closed-section shell (machine tank), scraper chain, driving device, tensioning device and safety protection device and other components. The equipment has simple structure, small size, good sealing performance, convenient installation and maintenance; multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading, flexible process selection and layout; when conveying flying, toxic, high-temperature, flammable and explosive materials , can improve working conditions and reduce environmental pollution. The models are: general type, hot material type, high temperature type, wear-resistant type, special type for soda ash (ordinary type, high-efficiency type), special type for grain, special type for cement, special type for power plant, etc. The groove width is 160-1250mm.
The buried scraper conveyer has a reasonable structure and can be fed at multiple points and unloaded at multiple points. The scraper chain moves evenly under the transmission of the motor + reducer, with stable operation and low noise. The buried scraper conveyer is a bulk material conveying system equipment that is very popular in metallurgy, mining, and thermal power plants. Buried scraper conveyor has three series of MS, MC and MZ buried scraper conveyors for selection. It is a transportation equipment that continuously conveys bulk materials by means of a moving scraper chain in a closed rectangular section or circular tube section shell.

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