How to choose a good DG to roll granulator roll skin

Release time: 2023-02-20

The roller skin of DG to roll granulator has hemispherical grooves, and the mutual extrusion of the rollers is used to form flat spherical particles. Long-term production and processing, the roller skin will be worn, and the granulation effect will gradually deteriorate. When the production efficiency ratio appears negative value, the roller skin should be replaced at this time.

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DG to roll granulator can process more than 20 kinds of raw materials such as ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc. It can flexibly change the fertilizer formula in a short time. A set of DG to roll granulator equipment can Produce as many as 30 kinds of formula products.
For granule molding, it is very important to process the small round pits on the surface of the roller skin of the roller extrusion granulator. It not only affects the shape of the fertilizer, but also affects whether the finished fertilizer is shelled. If the shell cannot be successfully shelled, the fertilizer It will stick in the small round pit, unable to process the finished round particles, and also reduce the output.
Where is the roller skin of the double-roll extrusion granulator good? To choose chromium 13 stainless steel material, such a roller skin is durable, and a good roller skin will last for a long time. While increasing the output, it can ensure the stability of the continuous production of the production line.
Since the release of the roller skin processing video of DG to roll granulator, many users at home and abroad have called and sent letters to learn about the material of the equipment and to inquire about the price of DG to roll granulator.

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