What problems should we pay attention to when using GX series screw conveyor?

Release time: 2023-04-22

What are the main application areas of GX series screw conveyor?The main application area is for the conveyor, which is a large container or containerized device for holding a product, and then it is moved from one place to another to complete the product. The conveyor is used to convey products from the warehouse to the customer, and then the product is shipped to the many pieces of GX series screw conveyor can be utilized by a company?We have 4 main application areas, and each area can be utilized for several different products. Our main application areas are:1. Product packing area2. Product packaging area3. Product packing area (not related to shipping)4. Product shipping areaHow many conveyor type is required for a product?For the product packaging area, we have 2 types of conveyor. What problems should we pay attention to when using GX series screw conveyor???Some screws are simply too heavy (and too long) to be supported by the are often the result of poor design, or poor tolerances of the the convex parts of the screw have sharp edges or are too large for the screw, you may find that the screw ends hang from the the conveyor is not strong enough to support the weight of the screw, the screw will not remain in the screw ends are too large or too small for the conveyor, the screw will not hold its the screw ends are too long, the screw will not stay in the position it is the conveyor is too soft, the screw may bend or twist when it comes into contact with the conveyor's walls.

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