Everything you Need to Know about Oscillating Granulator from China

Release time: 2023-05-10

Q: What is Oscillating Granulator?
A: An oscillating granulator is a machine used for the dry granulation of powders. It is specifically designed for crushing and breaking down the powder into granules. The machine is composed of a hopper, crushing chamber, oscillating rotor, and a discharge chute.
Q: What is the application of Oscillating Granulator?
A: Oscillating Granulator from China is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of granules. It is used to produce granules from powders that are not suitable for direct tableting. The granules produced are uniform in size and shape, which makes them ideal for further processing. Oscillating granulators are also used in the chemical and food industries.
Q: What is the forming cycle of Oscillating Granulator?
A: The forming cycle of oscillating granulator from China is quick and efficient. The powders are poured into the hopper, and the machine reduces them into granules by the action of the oscillating rotor. The granules are then discharged through the discharge chute. The machine operates at a high speed, making it possible to produce granules quickly and efficiently.
In conclusion, oscillating granulator from China is an essential tool for the pharmaceutical industry. It is an efficient and versatile machine that produces uniform granules from powders. The forming cycle is quick and efficient, making it possible to produce granules in large quantities. Its application is diverse and not limited to just the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the chemical and food industries. If you are looking for an oscillating granulator from China, ensure that you get a quality machine that meets the required standards.

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