All You Need to Know About Buried Scraper Conveyors

Release time: 2023-06-07

1. What is a buried scraper conveyor?
A buried scraper conveyor is a type of conveyor system used to transport granular or powdered materials horizontally or inclined. It consists of a conveyor chain or belt, a series of scraper blades, and a rectangular trough.
2. What are the types of buried scraper conveyors?
There are two main types of buried scraper conveyors: submerged scraper conveyors and above-ground scraper conveyors.
Submerged scraper conveyors are installed underground and used to transport coal ash, slag, and other materials in power plants. The conveyor chain is submerged in a water-filled trough to cool the material.
Above-ground scraper conveyors are installed above ground and used to transport materials such as cement, grain, and fertilizer. They are designed with a dust-proof casing to prevent material from escaping into the environment.
3. What are the accompanying equipment for buried scraper conveyors?
The accompanying equipment for buried scraper conveyors includes a motor, a gearbox, a drive pulley, a tensioning device, and a discharge chute.
The motor provides the power to drive the conveyor chain. The gearbox transmits the motor's power to the drive pulley, which drives the conveyor chain. The tensioning device maintains the tension of the conveyor chain or belt. The discharge chute is used to unload material from the conveyor.
In conclusion, buried scraper conveyors are essential equipment used in various industries. They are available in different types, including submerged and above-ground scraper conveyors, and require accompanying equipment such as a motor, gearbox, drive pulley, tensioning device, and discharge chute.

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