Understanding the Buried Scraper Conveyor in Industrial Equipment and Components

Release time: 2023-11-08

The buried scraper conveyor is a crucial component in the chain and conveyor equipment industry, specifically in the field of industrial equipment and components related to conveyors. In this article, we will delve into the details of this innovative device, highlighting its significance, functions, and applications.
What is a Buried Scraper Conveyor?
A buried scraper conveyor, also known as a submerged scraper conveyor, is a mechanical system used for transporting bulk materials horizontally or at an inclined angle. It consists of a trough or tube-like structure, equipped with scraper chains that move the materials along the conveyor. The scraper chains are driven by a motor, ensuring a smooth and continuous transportation process.
Function and Principle of Operation:
The primary function of a buried scraper conveyor is to transfer various materials, such as coal, ash, grain, or cement, from one location to another within a production or storage facility. The materials are loaded into the trough, and the scraper chains, driven by the motor, drag the materials along the conveyor path.
The scraper chains, fitted with scraper blades, remove the material from the trough's bottom and carry it forward. The friction between the scraper blades and the trough's surface ensures efficient material transportation without spillage. The conveyor's design prevents dust and other contaminants from escaping, making it suitable for industries with strict environmental regulations.
Buried scraper conveyors find extensive use across several industries, including power plants, cement plants, mining operations, and grain handling facilities. Let's explore some of their key applications:
1. Power Plants: Buried scraper conveyors efficiently transport coal and ash within power plants, facilitating the combustion process and ensuring the seamless disposal of ash.
2. Cement Plants: These conveyors are instrumental in transporting cement clinker, limestone, and gypsum, contributing to the smooth operation of cement manufacturing processes.
3. Mining Operations: Buried scraper conveyors are crucial in mining operations, enabling the transportation of bulk materials such as ores, coal, and minerals.
4. Grain Handling: In the agricultural sector, these conveyors play a vital role in the movement of grains, ensuring efficient storage and transportation.
The buried scraper conveyor is an essential component of the chain and conveyor equipment industry, particularly in the realm of industrial equipment and components related to conveyors. With its efficient material transportation, dust control, and environmental-friendly features, this conveyor system has found widespread applications in power plants, cement plants, mining operations, and grain handling facilities. By understanding the functions and applications of the buried scraper conveyor, professionals in the industry can make informed decisions regarding its implementation and maximize its benefits.

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