Buried Scraper Conveyer: Essential Equipment for Efficient Material Handling in Industrial Applications

Release time: 2023-12-25

Buried scraper conveyers are integral to the chain and conveyor equipment industry, specifically in the field of material handling. These conveyers offer a reliable and efficient solution for transporting bulk materials within industrial settings. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of buried scraper conveyers, highlighting their importance and advantages in industrial applications.
1. Understanding Buried Scraper Conveyers:
Buried scraper conveyers, also known as submerged scraper conveyers, consist of a chain conveyor system enclosed within a rectangular casing. This design allows for the transportation of materials in a sealed and controlled environment, minimizing dust emissions and spillage. The conveyer operates underground or partially submerged in a trough, making it suitable for various challenging environments such as power plants, mining facilities, and cement factories.
2. Benefits and Features:
- Efficient Material Handling: Buried scraper conveyers excel at handling bulk materials, including coal, ash, cement, and more. The scraper chain, equipped with specially designed attachments, efficiently pulls the material along the trough, ensuring a continuous flow without blockages or disruptions.
- Environmentally Friendly: By operating in a closed system, buried scraper conveyers help prevent material spillage and minimize dust emissions, contributing to a cleaner and safer working environment. Additionally, their sealed design reduces the risk of material contamination, ensuring product quality and integrity.
- Versatility and Customization: These conveyers can be customized to suit specific industry requirements, accommodating various trough widths, angles, and lengths. Additional features, such as wear-resistant liners, heat-resistant components, and variable speed controls, enhance their adaptability to different materials and operating conditions.
- Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and a robust design, buried scraper conveyers require minimal maintenance. The utilization of high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques ensures durability, reducing downtime and overall operational costs.
3. Applications in Different Industries:
- Power Plants: Buried scraper conveyers efficiently transport coal and ash, facilitating the combustion process and ensuring the continuous supply of fuel. Their ability to operate in high-temperature environments and handle abrasive materials makes them ideal for power generation facilities.
- Mining and Minerals: In mining operations, buried scraper conveyers play a crucial role in transporting bulk materials, such as ores, limestone, and gravel. Their reliability and durability make them suitable for the demanding conditions of underground mines and open-pit quarries.
- Cement Industry: Buried scraper conveyers aid in the transportation of cement clinker, raw materials, and additives throughout the cement production process. Their sealed design prevents material contamination, while their ability to handle high temperatures supports the efficient operation of kilns and other equipment.
Buried scraper conveyers offer a reliable and efficient solution for material handling in various industrial applications. Their ability to transport bulk materials in a sealed and controlled environment ensures optimal efficiency, minimal downtime, and enhanced workplace safety. Whether in power plants, mining operations, or the cement industry, these conveyers play a vital role in streamlining processes and maximizing productivity. Embrace the benefits of buried scraper conveyers to revolutionize your material handling operations and achieve new levels of efficiency in your industry.

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