What is the working principle of Crushing&Granulating Machine

Release time: 2023-03-27

The Crushing&Granulating Machine has fast granulation and good effect. The filter screen with special holes is designed to sieve carefully. Its friction filter rod can crush and sieve solid particles. This machine can replace the swinging granulator. Crushing&Granulating Machine is a new model designed and manufactured according to the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical production. The appearance of the whole machine is all closed with high-quality stainless steel plates. Make the appearance of the whole machine neat and beautiful, especially the screen mesh is made of wire mesh or stainless steel expanded mesh. The quality and economic efficiency of the particles are greatly improved.

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The Crushing&Granulating Machine has a reasonably designed filter screen and rods, which can crush large pieces of fragile materials, and according to the principle of centrifugal force, use a filter screen with special holes to sieve carefully. The special friction filter rods can crush and filter solid materials. particles while pulverizing large aggregates. When the material enters the inner chamber of the machine, under the action of the high-speed operation of the crushing knife, the material forms a vortex fluid, which makes the material generate a strong centrifugal force and spreads the material to the surface of the screen bucket hole. At the same time, high-speed gap shearing, extrusion and material self-grinding are generated between the crushing knife and the screen bucket, making the material smaller and smaller. Crushing&Granulating Machine manufacturers tell you that at the same time, under the action of centrifugal force, the particles that are the same as the holes are discharged from the mesh. According to different mesh requirements, it is equipped with twelve different screen buckets to achieve the best particle requirements.

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