Outstanding advantages of the 2SJ Series Double-shaft mixer

Release time: 2023-01-03

2SJ Series Double-shaft mixer is a device that utilizes the synchronous rotation of a pair of screw shafts with stirring blades to humidify and stir powdery materials while conveying them. This type of equipment has high stirring efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection.

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Advantages of 2SJ Series Double-shaft mixer:
1. The whole mixing and conveying process is carried out in a closed space, no dust leakage, clean and environmentally friendly.
2. It integrates mixing, humidification and transportation, with good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency and large capacity.
3. The end of the shaft is sealed with a combination of labyrinth and packing, which plays a double sealing role and has a good sealing effect.
4. The mixing blades are made of wear-resistant materials and have special surface treatment, which has high wear resistance.
5. 2SJ Series Double-shaft mixer has compact structure, small footprint, stable transmission, high reliability and low noise.

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