2SJ Series Double-shaft mixer

When it works, the material come into the cylinder through the inlet, two screw shatts rotate in opposite direction, materials rotate by the rotating motion and mix with each other.The area between double-shaft mierdifferent materials compress with each other which can improve the mixing effect.
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Disc Mixer

This machine is one of common equipments in phosphate and compound fertilizer industry, and its main function is to mix the raw materials. This machine runs smoothly, mix uniformity, easy to control the discharge,mixing tank is lined with stainless plate, and has the features of not easy to viscidly the materials,wear-resisting,convenient to discharge, operate, maintain,etc.
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Horizontal ribbon mixer

Horizontal ribbon mixer composed of U shaped tube, spiral blade and transmission parts;helical ribbon blades are generally made of double lqyer,at work,the outer helical belt make materials collected from both sides to the central layer,and the inner helical belt transport materials from the central to the two sides,and the convective mixing is formed.Mixing parts can also be made into a paddle or increased knife,adapt to different materials.The cylinder cover can be made of the arch or fully-opened,arch can be under pressure,fully-opened is convenient to clean equipment inside. The machine has the advantages of wide application range, high mixing uniformity, short mixing time and large loading coefficient.
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