Drum cooler

The cooling machine is specially designed for compound fertilizer production process, which is mainly used for the cooling of various systems in the production process of compound fertilizer, and it can also be used for the cooling of granular materials such as coal and other machinery.
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Bag filter, Cyclone dust collector

GMC series pulse bag filter is used to separate dust in dust air so as to obtain high purity of air through filter medium, so as to meet the requirements of modern environmental protection. The equipment is widely applied to solid separation and dust recovery in food, food, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, building materials and other industries.
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Cyclone dust collector

It is a kind of dust collect device. In addition to sink mechanism is to make the dusty airflow for rotary motion, with centrifugal force dust particles from air separation and trap set in the wall, using gravity makes the dust particles into ash hopper. 
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