SLJ Series Crushing&Granulating Machine

The crushing room is consist of box,shaft, rotating blades & screens ,to crush the bulk materials into granules. The crusher is divided into two grades,and made of there crushing rooms: the first is one room, it mainly grind the bulk materials into big particle ; the second room consist of two rooms,further crush the big particles into qualified small particles.the crusher is divided into two levels which can suppress the block of rolled film materials broken twice, and three crushing room which greatly increased the area, so that the crusher improve crushing efficiency & rate of final products.
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Impact breaker

The impact breaker is mainly composed of a rotor, rack, impact rack, frame, the ratchet wheel renovate device and a transmission part. It is a kind of crushing machine which can use the impact energy to break the material. When the material from the feed port into the flat hammer function area, broken by the high impact of the flat hammer,and is thrown to the impact device ,which is installed above rotor and breaken again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the required size and is discharged from the outlet of the lower part of the machine. Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor frame can achieve the purpose of changing the size of the material and the shape of the material.
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Roll Crushers

Roll Crushers in four designs: Single Roll, Double Roll, Triple Roll and Quad Roll Crushers, which provide a substantial return on investment by operating at low cost and maximizing yield by generating minimal fines. The; rugged design, which incorporates a fabricated steel base frame lined with replaceable abrasion-resistant steel  liners, stands up to the toughest mineral processing applications while providing safe and simple operation, including an automatic tramp relief system to allow uncrushable objects to pass while the crusher remains in operation. These crushers are also versatile, allowing for adjustments in roll speeds and gap settings to meet most any application requirement.
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The primary crusher is mainly composed of crushing and granulating chamber, rotating crushing knife wheel, electric motor, reducer, bearing seat, main shaft and upper and lower inlet and outlet. Crushing and granulating chamber consists of main shaft, a rotary crushing knife wheel, the motor drives the main shaft to rotate the roll forming machine to suppress the bulk material crushing small piece shape materials. Pre-breaker is one of the main products of Jiangsu Fuyu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd with products with good price and quality.Our factory is a professional suppliers china and Manufacturers china,Discount available for customized wholesale.
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