GX series screw conveyor

GX series screw conveyor is one general-purpose screw conveyor, it is practical, flexible arrangement of the import & export location, low noise, easy operation and maintenance. The S series screw conveyor system of law there (with the physical side of the helix spiral) and the D system of law (with a belt-type helical spiral) two, can be used for horizontal or inclined (tilted less than 209C) transport all kinds of powder, granular materials, and small pieces of material, such as coal, flour, cement, sand, bulk grain, small lump coal, and stones and so on, their work environment in the -20°C~ +50°C within range, the temperature of transport materials should be less than +200°C.
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Bucket elevator

HL Series Bucket Elevator is replacement product of the TH type bucket elevator, compared with TH series bucket elevator,it has the feautures: large volume of transportation, high height, stable and reliable operation, long lifetime,etc.the main technical performance and parameters can meet the national standard.
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Steel wire core belt bucket elevator

TGD type steel wire rope core belt bucket elevator is a new  generation product developed in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with the practice of domestic production and use. Steel wire belt bucket elevator (TGD belt conveyor) has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, small size, low power consumption, stable and reliable operation, long service life and so on. Wire belt bucket elevator is suitable for dry powder like material or material vertical liting, widely used in building materials, metllurgy, chemical industry, food, electricity and other industry bulk material liting system. 
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MS series scraper conveyor

Scraper conveyor is a component with flexible traction continuous conveying equipment, it is in the closed smooth rectangular or "U" shaped cross section of the trough in, with the aid of to thrust movement of the scraper chain, the material and scraper chain has become a continuous whole and be transported. In the process of conveying, scraper chain buried in the conveyed material, so it is also called "buried scraper conveyor'.
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